The Unfollowers+ App

Description: Instagram is a fast-growing platform and businesses are eager to establish a presence and encourage engagement on the network. In order to get noticed, you need to have plenty of followers and that’s where we come in, The Unfollowers+ App will help your profile skyrocket your ROI by providing better analysis.

Dominator house is rolling out its new ‘Unfollowers+ App’ that helps you identify non-followers, mutual followers, and fans. With this app, you can also mass unfollow the users who are not following you back or anyone’s posts that you don’t want to see in your newsfeed.

While the app allows you to add your favorite users to white list by tapping them on white list button and they won’t be shown in your Non Followers list, The Unfollowers+ App is a mobile application that you can download on Android Phones and Tablets.

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Copy Followers

Description: Instagram, with its 700 million monthly active users, has become a great marketing platform for businesses today. Have you ever wondered which users are following your competitors? You can now find out with our Copy Followers application for Instagram.

With “Copy Followers app” you easily can follow your target users from competitors and find new leads. This app consists of unique features which will help you grow your Instagram followers rapidly. This application also provides brief bio about the number of followers you have and your followings.

The Copy Followers application will help you search your competitor by their Instagram username and gets followers and following list in details.

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Hashtag Users – Follow and Like users on Instagram

Instagram, one of the most popular social network is currently the best platform that allows people to promote their business independently.

Hashtag Users is an application developed for businesses who want to target users based on the hashtags. The application will generate a list of users based on searched hashtags so that you can follow them quickly. You can like the media with #hashtags too.

Hashtag Users helps to Auto-follow users which are scraped using target hashtags. Auto-find photos to be liked based on a hashtag. Get detailed list of the users who are following and followed.

Based on your target hashtags, the app helps users to scrape a detailed list of the users who are following and being followed. The app also auto-finds photos and posts based on your hashtags. You’re allowed to like and comment on the feeds of users you have searched through #hashtags and follow an individual or multiple users.

Install the Hashtag Users App now for your Android from