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Instagram, with its 700 million monthly active users, has become a great marketing platform for businesses today. With its growth targeting, detailed analytics, promotional tactics and marketing tools, Instagram is definitely a great arsenal in your digital marketing tool kit.

Many brands are marking their presence on Instagram just like a normal user, but how confident are you for obtaining positive results, and are you able to measure the impact of their posts on the network? So the difficulty remains: Who will you reach on Instagram? How will you reach them? How effectively are you using this platform? How can you tell if you’ve done a good job?

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Instagram Monthly Active Users

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Why GramDominator?

GramDominator lets you target with precision, connect directly with your audience, spread your messages throughout the day, manage campaigns and do much more to make sure you achieve your marketing goals.

Powered with intuitive artificial intelligence, GramDominator is packed with extensive features like Auto Like, Auto Follow, Auto Repost and many more which makes it easy to acquire new customers and monetize your campaign.

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Fastest and most convenient way to manage all your Instagram marketing strategies

GramDominator gives you much convenient and easy platform to manage and market your accounts.

You can Follow / Unfollow users, Upload / Like / Unlike and Comment on photos. Witness your Followers and likes counts skyrocket without putting any extra efforts.

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Grow followers

Auto follow users as per your niche on Instagram by providing hashtags. Follow followers of another user by specifying usernames. Follow active users who are engaged with the posts of your targeted profiles.

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Insta Poster

Auto post to multiple accounts, schedule posts to keep your Instagram followers engaged. Do not have images for posting? Don’t worry, use Auto Reposter to find image posts with specified keywords or profile and let your profiles post even when you are sleeping.

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Insta Liker/Commenter

The best way to build relationships with your audience is by posts engagement. GramDominator provides you an ability to engage with your followers/followings, followers of someone else, or to specific posts by auto liking and commenting over a period of time..

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Insta Scrape

If you are in need of data for your marketing analysis or creating your campaigns, GramDominator can help you with its inbuilt fast data extractor. It comes with the flexibility to auto filter the data based on criteria set by you to save your time in filtering unwanted data. The only IG marketing software which can also be used for data extracting from Instagram.

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All top marketers understand the need of campaigns in marketing softwares. GramDominator has got a powerful campaigning feature, which is not limited for certain set of keywords, profiles etc. You can create unlimited campaigns with unlimited accounts and grow your accounts in multiple niches from one single software. Easy to operate and provides you detailed report on activities done with your accounts.

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Unlimited Features

We have created the fastest and most convenient way to manage all your Instagram marketing strategies.
Follow Module

Search users according to your niche and grow your account by following them and generating new leads

Post Module

Get more engaged with users by automatically posting new images over a certain period of time.

Like Module

Get more exposure and followers by searching high quality images and automatically like them.

Comment Module

Farm your accounts by searching trending images and commenting on them.


Unfollow users that didn’t follow you back and manage your following list

Repost Module

Edit posts made by others and repost them as your own.

BlackList Users

We all come across some users with whom we do not want to engage at all. With GramDominator you can build a list of users and blacklist them and it will skip them even if they come on top if its search results.

Whitelist Users

Have got some users or your own profiles who you do not want the software to unfollow, add them to whitelist and GramDominator will handle them with care.

Inbuilt Scraper

One of its kind software offering inbuilt scraper without additional charge and no limit on data. Enjoy!

We use our experience to automate all your Instagram tasks.

Making it easy to get new customers by growing your Instagram account, Saving your Time and Money!

Serious marketers call it as the one of the most powerful Instagram Marketing tool of 2017 as it made them super humans with its AI-powered features and technologies.

Easy to use

It has been build up keeping Laymen and Serious marketers in mind. Though it has all the features top notch IG marketers needs, it’s still easy to setup with one-page form for any type of campaigns.


Love quotes from our customers <3

I’ve been using Gramdominator over the past week, and seeing what I could achieve with it.

Wherever there was something I didn’t quite understand, I found the video video tutorials on their website http://gramdominator.com/video-tutorials/ very helpful. In fact I ended up watching them all, and they proved to be very helpful. So I highly recommend you do that in advance, even if you’re a veteran with such tools.

While testing out this application, I ended up reaching out to their live support a couple of times. The experience with the support was stellar and they proved to be very knowledgeable about anything I was asking. You also get a transcript of the conversation afterwards, which imo is a great feature.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the application itself. All I can say is that this a powerful piece of software. I don’t have to mention what this software does, as they have clearly listed everything on their sales thread and their website. What matters is what YOU can do with it!
I added about 5 Instagram accounts, each on a private proxy and tested out most of the features. I liked the fact that you could customize each campaign meticulously, as it makes sense to avoid unnecessary bans. If you can find a way to utilize the different things this program does, then you will definitely be happy getting it.

Conclusion: There have been many things I’ve wanted to try out doing on Instagram, but have never managed to find the time to actually start doing them. Gramdominator automated many aspects of what I want to be done, and so far is has been extremely reliable and also very safe for my accounts.

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The Best Plans and Pricing for you

From serious marketers to opportunities, GramDominator is on a mission to meet everyone’s need. We want everyone to grow, so we have simple pricing without any limits on accounts or campaigns.

Plan 1

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Poster
  • Reposter
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Inbuilt Scraper

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to club the answers to most common queries below. If there is something we missed, try accessing our knowledgebase or contact support
  • Q. How to install GramDominator for Windows?

    Dot Net framework 4.6 is required to run GD. Download it from here.
    Download the latest version of GramDominator and install.
    Insert the license key and validate the software. GramDominator is ready to use

  • Q. While running any campaign, Do I need to keep my PC on?

    Yes, You need to keep the PC running until the process is executed. If you don’t want to run the PC for long hours, Use a VPS.

  • Q. What should be the minimum VPS configuration required.?

    It depends on the number of accounts you want to run. You can choose a VPS from minimum 2 GB to max 16 GB of RAM with 30GB HDD (You will get around 11 GB free space after the OS is installed)

  • Is GramDominator compatible with Windows XP?

    Since windows stopped supporting this OS, We suggest to use Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

  • What is Proxy / VPN? How many accounts I should use per proxy.?

    A proxy is basically an IP address used to cloak your original IP. A VPN also does the same thing but it generally consist of a pool of multiple IP’s. It is always recommended to use 1 account per proxy.

  • Which proxies I should use?

    GramDominator works with any HTTP proxies. Socks proxies are not supported at the moment. However, It is always suggested to use private dedicated proxies for much better results

  • Can I use my license on another system.?

    One license is allotted to one system only. You cannot run the software with same license on multiple systems. However, If you want to reissue the license, It can be done through your client panel. For more details, Contact our support.

  • Tips to run accounts safely without getting banned?

    If you are planning to run multiple accounts, Use private / dedicated proxies. Assign one account per proxy. Let the accounts age. Farm them properly. Avoid to abuse the system by aggressive postings. Use proper delays between your posts. Engage in multiple activities. Best suggestion would be to start things slow and increase the process speed gradually as time passes.

  • Can I upgrade my monthly package to annual?

    Yes, It can be done from client area.

    Log in to your dashboard
    Click on Services tab and select the product
    Click Upgrade / Downgrade from actions menu and proceed

  • Can I use fresh accounts.?

    Yes you can use brand new accounts. To avoid getting them blocked, Delay your activities until they age a bit.

  • How to cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel anytime from the client area.

    Log in to your dashboard
    Go to My Services area
    Select the active service which you want to cancel
    Click cancel

    You need to cancel the recurring payments from your PayPal account as well, else the payment for next cycle will be deducted automatically.

  • Is scraping legal.?

    Yes, There are no legal issues in running a web crawler to access the publicly available content on the internet.

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Public Roadmap

We understand how quickly trends and requirements change in digital marketing industry. And we keep ourselves open to your features suggestions and needs. But since we cannot develop every feature at once, we allow you to list and track them with our roadmap.

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